Feeling the Beauty May Be the Answer

Beauty isn’t necessarily attached to being young or slender these days as it may have been in the past. Beauty is also not only skin deep but rather something that radiates from within.

I know what it feels like to think of yourself as anything other than beautiful and how that really holds you back from achieving what you could. I have always battled with weight issues from a young age. As a girl in her late teens, I did manage to shake the weight by whatever means possible but once babies were on the cards, the rolls returned. I always felt inferior, shy, embarrassed even and tended to hide in the shadows. I had so much I wanted to share, but who would want to listen to the chubby girl after all?

Beauty spells

As the weight piled on after my first child was born, all those insecurities I felt as an overweight child and teen came flooding back. I was embarrassed to be seen anywhere and I really wasn’t that overweight.

I blame a lot of people’s perceptions on society these days. You are taught that to get what you want you have to fit a certain image and if you don’t you will be left behind. This is not something I wanted my daughters to learn. I wanted them to be confident, outgoing and loved for the beautiful people they are regardless of how they appeared on the outside. Before I could do that I had to do something to get that confidence back.

I came across something startling as I trawled through Google one day and yes, I decided to give it a whirl. Beauty spells, seem to be a popular thing these days and if so many are using them with wonderful results, why couldn’t I? I didn’t expect to go from ugly duckling to swan overnight; that would be ludicrous. I paid for my requested service and waited to see what the future would hold for me.

Slowly things began to change. No, I didn’t lose the weight overnight, however, I did begin to care about my body more and eat more healthily which meant the weight did melt away. My confidence seemed to double and I no longer hid in the shadows or wore frumpy, baggy clothing in hopes of hiding the bulge. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me or perhaps it was the jolt I needed to bring myself back to life as it were.

Today I am a successful entrepreneur with a host of regular clients. I allow my bubbly personality to shine through and even though I still carry some excess weight I don’t let that hold me back. I know my worth and I have taught my daughters that they shouldn’t let society define who they are. Beauty spells are not for everyone and yes, maybe it is a hoax but for me it was the defining moment in my life.